The USEA National Leaderboards have been updated – and there are a lot of familiar names on the top of the list! Halfway through 2017 Favian is the #1 Preliminary horse in the country! Also in the Preliminary categories, Alexandra Peterson rounds out the top of half both the Young Adult Rider and Intercollegiate Rider categories courtesy of stellar placings on her own Willie Wiggins. Valerie is currently tied for 9th out of the Adult Riders – cheer her on to come out as the winner of the tie!

Not to be outdone, Dewey Square is representing BCE at the top of the Leaderboard for the baby horses! He is currently one point out of first place for Novice Horse! This is especially impressive considering he didn’t start his season until late in the spring and Valerie hasn’t competed him heavily. But his worst finish so far for 2017 is a 4th so that bodes well for his future!  Valerie is very excited about this 4* prospect.

You can track the USEA National Leaderboards for yourself here: