From Valerie:

Every day I wake up driven to compete at the highest levels of three day eventing, become a United States Team rider, and represent my country at the Olympics and beyond. After that, I hope to judge FEI events all around the world at those same levels. What I do is beyond a job, it is who I am and what I love to do. I hope that my website helps you learn more about all of the things that make up Valerie Vizcarrondo. For all the detailed information about my riding, achievements and career highlights click here!

I wake up grateful every day that I get paid to do what I love - my work is my passion. I’m not saying it is always easy! Though I am always grateful. After a bad day at work I still need to remind myself that I get to train and compete international caliber sport horses all day, every day! My office is a world class training facility, Sudley Farm. Located on 130 acres, we have essentially an eventing playground that helps our horses and clients feel and perform their best! Every day I get to the barn and my assistants, Gunsmoke and Murdock, can’t wait to get out of the car and get our day started! They are lerchers, prone to hour long sun naps interrupted by bursts of sprinting all around the farm. They make sure all of the horses are bombproof and that Sudley Farm is a squirrel free farm! Being surrounded each day by these characters, in addition to all of the unique personalities of the horses, I have never ending opportunities to keep on laughing and keep on learning. Two things that I think are very important.

Gunsmoke and Murdock

When you are younger, learning comes easily. I went to high school at St. Mary’s in downtown Annapolis, graduated with almost a 5.0, was very involved in the student government association and enjoyed playing on our nationally ranked varsity women’s lacrosse team. Knowing, however, that there is no professional women’s lacrosse, I opted to go to college on an academic scholarship to St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMC), the #1 rated public honors college in the country, in historic St. Mary’s City. SMC is a beautiful college and I vowed that I would take my first year off from horses and see what it was that I really wanted to do, discover what was out there that I might have been missing. That barely lasted a semester! Some good owners and some great class scheduling and I managed to juggle horses and college, riding on an NAYRC team at the same time as graduating my class valedictorian and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

I have a quote that has stuck with me for several years now, it serves as my mantra if you will:

“Man does not grow old. Man becomes old by not growing.”


And so I grow, personally and professionally. Even though I have a tendency to surround myself with over achievers, eventing and I think life in general really is about the journey. Learning. Challenging yourself to keep growing. Over time I have learned to identify and overcome my fear of failure. Don’t get me wrong—I still like to win and I still do! But that’s not what defines you as a person. It is not what defines me as a person any longer. I put incredible effort into anything and everything I do. I try to work smart, hard, efficiently. I put a huge emphasis on focusing on the positives, and with that you bring more positive into your life. You never know what life has in store for you! Eventing has enabled me to befriend some of the most amazing people from all around the world. It has taught me so many life lessons, and how to balance my life. I believe that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, even if you don’t love it or agree with it at the time. If you don’t get a result that you were hoping to, change something! Get creative! I am waiting patiently for my five-star horse, why that hasn’t happened yet is something that I sure do mediate on often!! Maybe the universe has something even better in store for me?!? I can’t wait! And I’m looking forward to you coming along for the ride with me!



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“Valerie is the best trainer who is so kind and patient, and at the same time organized, efficient and intuitive.”

— Kathleen Rocke Ansaldi

“Thank you to Blue Clover Eventing for opening your XC course to school this past weekend. Excellent jumps and well maintained grounds!”

— Marisa Picard Britton 

“Oh my gosh Blue Clover Eventing is amazing! My daughter has never been happier about horses and the sport of equestrian!”

— Eric Piche