For many years now that has been Valerie’s desire and ultimate goal. This is not a goal that can, nor will, be achieved overnight, though every day finds her one step closer. She believes that to become an elite member of the United States Equestrian Team is dependent upon long term plans and commitment. Becoming a member of our elite equestrain squad is a lengthy, thrilling challenge that she looks forward to facing, though she cannot face it alone. Obtaining and maintaining sponsorships, either personal or corporate, will help her to excel internationally.

Words cannot express Valerie’s gratitude for those who are already supportive of her training and competing, and she would love for more people to share in all of the excitement that eventing provides. No form of sponsorship is too great or small.

Thank You to the following Sponsors



Valerie wants to find people who share her passion for horses, and more specifically eventing. She is so excited when a horse does well in competition because she remembers all of the hard work and fun times along the way. By supporting Blue Clover Eventing, you get to be a part of that experience. Valerie loves to have people with her, from the training sessions on her farm to week long competitons, proud of the horses and their accomplishments. She wants to give others the chance at experiencing all of the thrilling emotions of taking a horse with potential and turning it into a world-class contender. In addition to your being a part of an up and coming eventing team, Valerie can offer ways in which your support of Blue Clover Eventing can be mutually financially beneficial. There are numerous advertising possibilities due to the fact that she travels and competes throughout the year. Also, through the generosity of the American Horse Trials Foundation, individuals are able to make completely tax deductible donations to help her meet her goals. Assisting Blue Clover Eventing can take form in a limitless number of ways. Monetary donations, as well as the donation of products and services, are an invaluable part of Blue Clover Eventing. Email Valerie or call her at 410-353-3813. And thank you for considering sponsorship.


Contact Valerie for more information on Sponsorship.

Call Valerie at 410-353-3813 

To make a donation send checks to: Please make checks payable to:
Valerie Vizcarrondo
P.O. Box 88 Harwood, MD 20776

What people are saying about Blue Clover Eventing

Can’t say enough. Valerie is the best trainer who is so kind and patient, and at the same time organized, efficient and intuitive. The farm is stunning and perfectly maintained. My daughter and her horse have thrived since day one and we are so thankful to be part of the Blue Clover family!Kathleen Rocke Ansaldi

Thank you to Blue Clover Eventing for opening your XC course to school this past weekend. Excellent jumps and well maintained grounds!Marisa Picard Britton

Oh my gosh Blue Clover Eventing is amazing. My daughter has never been happier about horses and the sport of equestrian.Eric Piche