1. Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials

    February 9 - February 12
  2. Pine Top Advanced Horse Trials

    February 24 - February 26
  3. William Fox-Pitt Clinic

    February 28 - March 1
  4. Chattahoochee Hills Horse Trials

    March 11 - March 12
  5. The Event at TerraNova

    March 31 - April 2



Willie Wiggins is referred to around the barn simply as Willie Wiggins, and if you met him, you would instantly understand! He is a 16h 2006 OTTB originally found in a field by Christine Adair and started with Mogie Bearden-Muller. There's really only ever going to be one Willie Wiggins and Valerie feels very fortunate to have him in her program. Like Peter Pan, the little boy that never grew up, Willie Wiggins is a spritely little Thoroughbred that has fun doing everything he does, and luckily he does it VERY well!

Owned by Alexandra Peterson, Willie Wiggins has been a real super star thru the 1* level.  Alexandra was looking for a Young Riders horse, and the pair was instantly successful together. Their long list of wins started at their very first event together! Other notables included the selection as the PRO JR Training Champion in 2015 on a record breaking score! He is a USEA Blue Ribbon award winner at the Novice Training and Preliminary levels. Willie Wiggins moved up to the Preliminary level right before Alexandra headed off to college. During her first semester, Alexandra concentrated on her new college life while Valerie took over the ride to give Willie Wiggins more experience at the level. Valerie loved competing the horse and loved his love for cross country! Valerie and Willie Wiggins had four Top 3 finishes in a row, including the Reserve Champion title for Preliminary at the Area II Championships!

In 2016 Valerie and Alexandra worked together to combine college and upper level competition. Their efforts paid off as Alexandra competed at some of the biggest venues on the East Coast, winning top ribbons along the way and completed her first 1*! They intend to stick to a similar training schedule in 2017 and make several more, even more successful 1* competitions!


June 2017 BromontCCI*15th
May 2017 Virginia HTPreliminary4th
April 2017 The ForkPreliminary2nd
February 2017 Pine TopPreliminary2nd
July 2016 Maryland HTPreliminary2nd
March 2016 Carolina InternationalPreliminary4th
February 2016 Paradise FarmPreliminary3rd
October 2015 Area II ChampionshipsPreliminary2nd
October 2015 WaredacaPreliminary3rd
October 2015 Maryland Horse TrialsPreliminary3rd
September 2015 Seneca ValleyPreliminary3rd
June 2015 SurefireTraining1st
April 2015 The ForTraining4th
September 2014 SurefireNovice1st
July 2014 CosequinNovice2nd
May 2014 WaredacaNovice1st


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