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Blue Clover Eventing is fortunate to run a full training program out of Sudley Farm. All horses in full training receive individual programs tailored to their specific needs so we can provide top of the line care and have you and your horse feeling and performing at your best! Rest assured we take care of each and every horse as though it were our own. Each horse receives an average of 5 training sessions per week. These sessions last approximately 30 minutes (we like to end on a good note!) and are interchangeable between lessons and rides. In general this schedule applies Monday-Friday, from 9 -5. Additional arrangements can be made for lessons that need to start early or finish late. Weekends are prioritized as competition days, although if we aren’t in the heart of competition season weekend lessons and rides may be available. If you have a sales horse in full training, we are available every day to show your horse to potential buyers. If you are a potential buyer, come any day to take a look at what we have!

The monthly cost to have a horse in full training with Blue Clover Eventing at Sudley Farm is $1800. From spring thru fall, one session each month occurs at no extra charge on the cross country schooling course. Any additional cross country sessions require additional payment to Sudley Farm.

The Blue Clover Eventing working students are trained to pay detailed attention on the day to day care of your horse, we take great pride in knowing that all of our horses are healthy and happy! This routine care is included in the monthly training cost, and we assure you it is second to none. The working students are able to meet all of your horse’s needs, from clipping to braiding to competition grooming. We like to look and act the part! Contact Valerie for specific a la carte items and prices.


Sessions are interchangable between lessons and rides. Packages are good for one month, beginning from the 1st of the calendar month.

  • Full Training* - 20 Sessions per month = $35/session
  • $700/month
  • 12 Session per month = $65/session $780/month
  • 8 Session per month = $70/session $560/month
  • 4 Session per month = $75/session $300/month
  • 1 a la carte session = $85

*Full training is only available at Sudley Farm


Blue Clover Eventing attends competitions big and small nearly every weekend, starting in February in Aiken, SC and typically ending in November back at Sudley Farm. We strongly encourage our training and sales horses and our students to attend field trips and competitions. Whether it be to a local combined test, a cross country schooling, or a major USEA recognized event, getting out and about is great for education and confidence at all levels!

  • A competition ride costs $50/day
  • Coaching at a competition is $50/day (includes everything from course walks to warm ups to the analysis after the event)

For boarding and training, please see the Rates page. For a full list of credentials, please visit the Highlights page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Valerie about any questions you may have or special circumstances.


We don’t ever want a horse or a student to miss out on a field trip or competition due to their inability to ship their own horse.

  • Short distance shipping is billed at a flat fee of $20 per horse.
  • Long distance shipping is billed at $1/mile. When possible, a discounted flat fee applies (competitions that are several hundred miles away, and the trip to and from Aiken for example).


Sales horse must be in full training in order to be sold through Blue Clover Eventing (Click here to see Horses for Sale)

  • 10% commission due at time of sale


Valerie is proud of her ‘R’ eventing judge’s license, and is available to judge  CCI** through the Advanced level at any USEA competition. She is also available for more local, unrecognized competitions.

  • $375 per day
  • $250 per half day

Please call Valerie at 410-353-3813 or email her about clinics or judging, customizing a program to meet the needs of you and your horse, or any special circumstances.


Valerie would love to hear from you!

Call us at 410-353-3813 

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What people are saying about Blue Clover Eventing

Can’t say enough. Valerie is the best trainer who is so kind and patient, and at the same time organized, efficient and intuitive. The farm is stunning and perfectly maintained. My daughter and her horse have thrived since day one and we are so thankful to be part of the Blue Clover family!

Kathleen Rocke Ansaldi

Thank you to Blue Clover Eventing for opening your XC course to school this past weekend. Excellent jumps and well maintained grounds!

Marisa Picard Britton

Oh my gosh Blue Clover Eventing is amazing. My daughter has never been happier about horses and the sport of equestrian.

Eric Piche

Tyler is an amazing Barn Manager who does the work of 3 people and keeps the barn working seamlessly.

Kathleen Rocke Ansaldi